wing Play


Here is a training session. Wing play, Creating situations for the attacking team to play and use the wide players, whether they are attacking winger or wing backs. Need decision making. Also how to use the overload in the attack with the wide players.

  • Overloading the defense with wing players
  • Simulates an attack on the wings or wing play
  • teaches how to use the wide players, cross, lob, pass headers.
  • How to use the width of the feild.
Key Results
  • Teaches wide players their options.
  • Teaches to play wide and wing play or wing attacking.
  • Can Teach wing backs when to commit up or stay.
  • Crossing, heading, volley, and lobs.
Action Plan
  • 3 Phases:
    • Phase 1: 2 side games each half of the pitch. wingers are restricted to their area
    • Phase 2: Full pitch wingers are restricted to their area but only 1 can cut to the middle at a time (minor restriction)
    • Phase 3: Scrimmage on!
  • Will help team that plays down the flanks.
  • Improves the around play style and shape of teams.
  • Gives winger/wing backs to think commit or not.
  • Gives them time on ball to cross or do other actions. Like pass, cut in the middle in phase 2 or cross to the opposite winger to widen the play.

you can replace wingers with wing back and over load the defense, this can help the wing back to do the shuffle, when to attack and when to not over commit.

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