What Does Sport Mean to me?


I believe that sport is a physical activity that is to be preformed by 1 person or many people on a team or against each other that would teach principles and values for the athletes to become more successful in life when their play time is over. “Sports is physical activity as a tool to teach diverse values that were not just useful to the individuals” this to me stands out because it is like what I believe the outlet of sport is meant for. It is a tool to get the individual or the athlete prepared for life, to get their full potential out there in a physical activity that would be helpful and enjoyable for them. furthermore, in the article the author states “Athletes use the medium of the contest to freely express their personality and physical abilities.” This also resonates with me, because this indicates that sports show emotion and individual players expression and believe, their emotions, believes and values!

Even though sport holds entertainment value for the view it is more than just an entertainment, hobby or extra calicular activity. In some cases it what keeps kids from turning up on the opposite side of the spectrum and get into trouble. It is also an outlet that helps relieve some of the kids that might have issues at home, in hopes of finding friends and mentors to help them through their struggles.

What does sport mean to you?


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