Top 10 Predictions of EPL Top Scorers 22/23 (Last Updated Oct, 6th 2022)


Below I will give my top 10 prediction of the top scorers of the EPL. Both from data retrieval and players abilities and traits.  This will change every 7 matches in the EPL. Currently only 7 matches have been played and it’s not a fair assessment to say who will win, but we can start the predictions. For every 7 matches played in the EPL, I will come back to this list and refine it with a new view and predictions depending on the cumulative matches played previous scores of last year in comparison to this year. This will mean up to 35 games (5 posts in total), leaving the final game with a final farewell (1 short summary post) to the series. The series will take a count if the players are or are not injured. Obviously when the next post comes, if players on this list are injured, then it will still give a prediction depending on the injury when they will return, and the remainder of the season matches left to play.

10 – Wilfred Zaha (4)

The 29-year-old Ivorian has not had his time to shine ever since joining Manchester UTD and not being on the scoring sheet. He’s moved from team to team, and now with Crystal Palace, we see him playing amazing games. We know of his pace, strength, dribbling, and finishing ability. He has been playing well this season too with 5 appearances and 4 goals. He’s at his peak athletic stage at 29 and still has a few years in him before he hangs the boots. The likelihood of him becoming a top scorer of the EPL is quite slim. Yet, if he starts to work on his weakness, which is offside awareness and holding the ball, he can improve to a degree of beating those last defenders, and with his quality of finish, we won’t need to worry about the goals.

9 – Roberto Firmino (3)

Bobby the 30-year-old Brazilian player, has not been in the spotlight for the top scorer of the EPL. If we look at the data from previous runs, he’s a bit short. He has never succeeded in becoming the top scorer in a league but was part of the top-20 list of scorers in Bundesliga, World Cup, Premier League, and Champions League. What changed? Well, now with the likes of Mane away, Bobby by far has the best ball skills, the ability to dribble, finishing and holding the ball those alone should make him a regular starter and allow him to contribute with goals and assists. The least he can claim is top assists this season. It will be hard to see him as a top scorer, but it is not impossible. If he becomes a regular player with Liverpool, he will score goals and make goals. So far this season he has played 5 matches and scored 3 goals, that’s 1 goal more than the top scorer of Liverpool (Mohammed Salah) while playing fewer matches. He scored twice in the 9-0 demolishing of Bournemouth and made 3 assists. So, it looks like we cannot count him out this season and only time will tell.

8 – Raheem Sterling(3)

Sterling, the 27-year-old England national team player and Liverpool and Manchester City ex-player comes in hot on this list. Raheem Sterling is one of the all-time top scorers of Man City following a little bit short of Sergio Aguero. Sterling is probably the most fearful left attacker in the EPL. Especially his pace, dribbling, and passing possess a lot of problems for the defense. Yet, we are here to talk about his scoring capabilities, and they do not fall short of his abilities. He has great finishing and shot placements and is willing to fight to get that goal. We have seen it when he plays with England’s national team, and he scores England wins or, so it was in the Euros before facing Italy in the final. So far with just 7 games in, he played 6 with his new team Chelsea and scored 3 goals. The majority of his goals were to keep Chelsea alive in the match or were match-winning goals. So, we can say when it counts, he provides. Hopefully with the likes of Pulisic and Reece and Mount he will start to get the goals rolling. We should not count him out on being in the top scorer list.

7 – Diogo Jota (–)

The 25-year-old Portuguese, central forward player has not made a tremendous mark when joining Liverpool. We know of his quality while he was playing with the Wolves, scoring 26 in 85 appearances. Right now, with his game of 88 appearances with Liverpool, he has scored 34 goals already, breaking his Wolves’ record. With the likes of Mane and Salah being on the team and scoring most of the goals for Liverpool, this young underdog was in the shadows. I believe that this season could be his moment to shine. With the run Salah has after 7 matches played getting less than half the goals he got in the previous seasons at this stage, I believe Jota could be a name amongst the top scorers of the EPL. How likely this will happen is yet to be seen. The reason why I say Jota should make his mark this year is because Mane has left Liverpool. Jota and Mane have the same strength to hold the ball, his vision to give the through balls, and the power to score without hesitation when in front of the goal. Just recently he has scored a goal in the 4-0 match against Czech Republic, so he is not shy in front of the goal; he just needs to be consistently played and maintain his performance. Ideally Jota now should take Mane’s spot and move forward. He is only 25 years of age so even if he does not make a big mark this season, he has some time to go. We shall see what will happen in the coming matches.

6 – Mohammed Salah (2)

Mohammed Salah, the Egyptian 30-year-old, has had an amazing run during his Liverpool Career so far, bagging the top scorer and bagging the most assists. So of course, he has to be on this list; without him, it wouldn’t be accurate. Seems like he is not having the best of starts this season with only 2 goals, compared to last season with 6. At this point of the competition, it’s a 33.34% drop since last season at this current stage. It’s not time to panic, but we clearly see the shift in the play and dynamic when Mane is no longer on the Liverpool team. In my opinion Salah needs players like Mane to hold the ball, have great vision, and create opportunities. This is where Jota or Firmino should come to play. Once the 3 forwards get in sync, I suspect we will see Salah scoring goals as we are used to seeing him do in previous seasons. He scored a few goals in the last National International Friendly, so we know he has it in him. He’s a well-rounded forward with great pace and speed, great finishing, and the great vision to create and make goals. With Mane gone I believe Salah should start holding the ball often and dribbling through the defense. Only time will tell if we see Salah in the top again; stay tuned.

5 – Marcus Rashford (4)

Marcus Rashford at 24 years old is probably one of the underrated England strikers. He has great pace, can beat most defenders, and can score amazing goals. This season he has been doing quite well, and he seems to be working on his weaknesses, or at least I hope so. For him to keep a high number of goals, he needs to work on his finishing. We have seen him time and time again be in good position but his finishing blocks him from being a top scorer. He is still 24 and has many years to develop and get that golden ball, but this year we should keep a close eye on him. With players supporting him like Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jordan Sancho, he will have loads of opportunities to smash it in the back of the net, but it will only happen if he improves his finishing!

4 – Son Heung-min (3)

Here is yet another underrated player, Son, the 30-year-old South Korean, seems to be coming to his peak potential with amazing pace, speed, and finishing to smash the ball into the net. As we saw recently with 15 mins in the match, he was able to not only get the difference for Tottenham but also bag a hattrick with 3 amazing goals one after another. With long shots and great finishes as one of his weaponries, he also holds the ball and creates space for the other players. So, we will see a lot of him this year. He has already made the same goals this year as he did last year at this stage, which means there is no decrease so far consistent with last year, and we hope there will be an increase in performance when we revisit after match day 14.

3 – Gabriel Jesus (4)

Jesus, 24-year-old Brazilian, has not yet reached his full potential for club level nor for National team. He had his ups and downs with Man City, and in his last few years at Man City, was not performing at the level we expected from him. I believe he made the best move and went to Arsenal, with Arsenal’s way of playing and the players alongside him. This seemed to spark something in Jesus that we have not seen in some time. So far, he has scored 4 goals. I am sure there is more to come. Jesus is one of the few players that have any real weakness. In terms of the abilities a forward and goal scorer should have, he ticks them all. His ability to dribble is by far the best we have since Ronaldo of past. The ability to pass key passes is phenomenal, and the ability to hold the ball and go into places to drive finishes is what we want to see more of him now! I hope to see him taking more long shots. To assess his long shots capabilities this season, over all he has worked hard and gotten on the top 10 list. Last year he was overshadowed by the brilliant players on Man City and now at Arsenal, it’s his time to shine. We can see at this stage last year, he did not have the same goals. So far, he has surpassed last year. Also at City he did not get enough playing time, but at Arsenal he will get loads of playing time, we just hope he does not get injured as frequently and we should see him shine this year around.

2 – Harry Kane (6)

Kane is the current England #1, and all hopes are on this lad. The 29-year-old England captain, Kane possess some of the great quality for a forward. With his ability to win duels in the air and finishing, it makes him no stranger to this list and potentially winning it this year. He is professional and consistent with his performance, so the expectation is for him to be battling this out with Mohammed Salah!  He is no stranger to this achievement as he already has 2 of them under his belt. This year he has some goals in and is currently tied with Salah’s goals scored last year at this stage. So, he has been improving thus far. Again, it’s a bit early to determine by looking at this stage; we need to see what happens in the weeks to come.

1 – Erling Haaland (11)

Erling Haaland is probably my favourite player since his time in Dortmund. He is dubbed to be the next Lewandowski, but I will disagree with this. He has the great qualities of Lewandowski with finishing, holding the ball, and goal scoring; but also, he reminds us of Ibrahimovic with his strength, passing quality, shooting power, aerial ability, both heading and acrobatics, and finally aggression. We cannot compare him with the previous year as he was in a different League altogether, which is a different style of play. We can only look at him now and see where he goes. We do know one thing for sure, he’s a goal scoring machine with just 11 goals in 7 matches, making the gap of 5 goals between him and number 2.

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Special thanks to Hai Duong who has done a peer review for this article.

Worthy mentions

Below are some players that are worthy of mentioning, and in the next few weeks, we will see if they will replace some of the top 10 names above. We will take a close look at how they play and compare where they are with last year. Spoiler: Fulham’s Aleksandar Mitrovic looks sold this time around with bagging 6 goals in 7 matches; so after match day 14, we can revisit the list.


               Eddie Nketiah

               Gabriel Martinelli



               Christian Pulisic

               Kai Havertz

               Mason Mount

               Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang


               Aleksandar Mitrovic (6)

Leicester City

               Jamie Vardy


               Curtis Jones

               Darwin Núñez

               Fábio Carvalho

               Luis Díaz (3)

Man City

               Bernardo Silva (2)

               Julián Álvarez

               Kevin De Bruyne

               Phil Foden (3)


               Anthony Martial

               Antony (1)

Cristiano Ronaldo

               Bruno Fernandes (1)

               Jadon Sancho (2)

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