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Hi, I am Islam El-Ghazali

Experienced Cloud Solutions Architect (CSA) in the Data and AI (D&AI) domain at Microsoft. I focus on Big data, AI and programming with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in SQL Server, Azure, Power BI, Big Data Technology and Software Development. Strong operations professional with a Bachelor of Science focused in Information Systems from Drexel University.

I have a passion in Sports Management and in particular Football/Soccer coaching and management. So I decided to follow my passion and started to make video reviews on football (soccer) matches for specific teams and events. My aim is to create video content looking at Pre and Post Match Analysis, Team Performance, Player Analysis and Performance, Mistakes and Bad Decisions made by Referees and Coaches.

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my skills & expertise

Talent Identification 80%
Match Video Analysis 65%
Player Analysis 75%
Match Report Creation 65%
Big Data Analytics 95%
ETL 100%
Head Coach 75%
Assistant Coach 85%


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