Social Justice Reflection from a Coach’s perspective


How would you define Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice?

Social Justice refers to a fair and equitable division of resources, opportunities, and privileges in society. In plain English, Social Justice in my opinion is a concept to create a sense of fairness and unbiased when determining options for a particular person depending on their race, culture, religion, sexual preference, and orientation. This is to give all people their basic rights, and I believe religion has a big influence in such concept whether it is diversity by trying to create a unified sense of group/nation or equity with the concept of helping the community, the poor, being kind to thy nieghbour(s), etc..

Diversity is a concept to create a sense of belonging and inclusion. Meaning sharing a wider range of backgrounds and experiences.

Equity is a concept of giving the right resources to help accommodate a particular person to

A) be able to do their task/work.

B) be able to have the right tools to participate equally on the same playing field as others.

I define or call them concepts because to me they are guidelines and will need a great amount of work put in to educate and mature, the practicality of it will come from one’s own ego and self-work. The concepts are there as a guideline, but without proper work on them they will be just those concepts and guidelines nothing more. It is determined by the different background and upbringing. Certain concepts or ideology might not exist or might not be defined in the same way cultures and regions.

For example, coming from Egypt, we do not have this concept of Racism, we know what it is and we understand it can exist, but in Egypt we have other issues to worry about and we are all considered to be “middle” (probably doesn’t exist now) to “low” class, so it could be what influences the fact that certain concepts do not exist for us.

There is one quote which I read not so long which goes like “When you name something the word draws your attention to it, which makes you more likely to notice it as something significant. That’s why most people have an immediate negative reaction to words like Racism, Sexism or Privilege” which indicates that we tend to see the negative side of the words and concepts versus what they truly mean or stand for and thus causes sensitivity when we try to debate these topics or terminologies.

What aspect Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice is the most important to your current professional role?

I believe that to me the most important aspects in my current professional role would be both Equity and Diversity.

Diverse work environment the different backgrounds and cultures can come together and share their ideas and experiences and with this people start to broaden their understanding of different countries, religion, culture nuances and more.

Equity would be the most important because you give a fair playing field for everyone to be able to perform their job.

As a coach of soccer for U12/U13 mixed team, it is the same. The only difference here is that usually the team has a rule that you need to give each child the same amount of play time. This is not true because doing so is not fair for those who are not skilled. Some players are so skilled they do not need much time to hone their techniques. Some players require more time and this means more play time to make them obtain the motor skills and muscle memory to hone their skills and techniques. So, to obtain equity we must dismiss equality for equity. To be realistic though the concept of giving each kid the same time in a competitive scenario where winning is considered success might not work because we will focus on winning that youth development. This is a coach’s decision to make at this point player development or club goals, or personal goals. If they all align to the betterment of the player then great, if not then there will be a sacrifice.

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