Safe zone / magic (wo)man


Here is a training session. 5vs3 or defensive overload. Creating 2 situations 1) Team (defending) is down one player how to play and reshape? 2) Team up 1 player (attacking) how to utilize this advantage? Need decision making.

  • Creating safe zone for the player to be able to train decision making, through practice decision making will become faster.
  • best for midfield/play makers
  • time on the ball to make the right play
Key Results
  • Decision making
  • Creativity
  • Creating confidance.
  • Making plays and passes
  • on and off the ball movements and plays
Action Plan
  • Magic man is allowed in the safe zone and join the attack.
  • must be quick in transition.
  • Magic man has loyalty to both teams when in attack.
  • Magic man will not put in the defensive workload.
  • Magic man always on attack doesn’t learn the defensive movement when the ball is lost.
  • Gives players with less confidence more time to think when in the safe zone.
  • through practice and motivation more confidence will be gained.

I am not a fan of the Magic man concept because that player does attacking/midfield role for both teams, does not truly learn the in transition moments for defensive switch.

But Useful if teams are uneven.

Yet I would choose x v x-1 concepts.

Alternate: no magic man a designated midfielder in the safe zone.

Thoughts? Comment. Like. Repost if useful.


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