Leadership Focus – Individual vs team levels


I think that organizations focus on leader development on the individual level while neglecting leadership practice at the team levels because it is much easier to focus on a set of traits that are qualified in an individual versus a set of different people and collective that will have different skills and traits. To focus on leadership means to follow a set of processes, which on most days are not followed. Even though there are processes and guidelines at work, “special” cases occur for customers that even we as leaders/followers do not follow these processes. So how will an organization focus on Leadership which is a construct of process if processes are not followed? Lunsford and Brown stated that “Research on leaders tends to emphasize leader traits, behaviors, or styles (Kaiser, Hogan, & Craig, 2008). Consequently, much of the literature on leadership focuses on the leader and his or her traits and preferences rather than the process of how leaders engage with followers to achieve an outcome” (P.263)

The reason the process is not followed is because at this time, more is focused on consumer and revenue. I believe in the past the focus was on quality and achievement vs consumer and revenue. Hence many systems that still follow such have good leaders and a good sense of leadership.

Jennifer Bartoli states in her paper The Effects of Company Culture on Company Profitability the following findings were done on 3 types of studies one of the studies concluded with the following “Though managers need to oversee their employees effectively to go along with realistic expectations, they also have their own expectations to take care of, such as increasing company profitability thanks to company culture.” (P.11) also that managers sometimes oversee processes and protocols and focus on organization profitability.

So which is important let me know your thoughts.


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