Jann-Fiete Arp


Jann-Fiete Arp

# 10 on my U23 Stricker’s top 10 list, is none other than Jann-Fiete Arp, German, 22-year-old Stricker. He started off in 2010 at SV Wahlstedt Youth at the age of 10 where he then moved to HSV youth team, from here at the age of 15 he moved to Hamburg U17, by 2019 at of 19 he was with the Hamburger SV which meant he was in the senior team, after which he was bought by Bayern München in 2020 and now currently plays with Holstein Kiel, which is in the 2. Bundesliga, as a free transfer. He is an underestimated young forward that needs to be in the spotlight and hence he is featuring as number 10 on the list of U23 Stricker’s top 10.  So why is he on this list? I will break this down shortly by Club/national games, goals, and appearances along with raw skills and abilities and traits and what I believe makes him a potentially great Stricker. So, let’s get cracking.

Club teams

HSV youth team – During the 15/16 season Fiete made 24 appearances while bagging 11 goals. During the 16/17 season he made 21 appearances and bagged 26 goals. During that season, he also won the top scorer of B-Junioren Bundesliga Nord/Nordost with 26 Goals.

Hamburg U17 – During the 17/18 season, Fiete did not make such a strong presence in this season with just 2 goals in 18 matches which he played. This was a step above the B-Junioren Bundesliga and in the Bundesliga while in the U19-BL N/NE he made 5 appearances and scored 7 goals. We can see that with teams close to his age group he performs well.

Hamburg SV – Durning the 18/19 season he was still not so convincing with 17 appearances and 1 goal and 1 assist

Bayern München – During season 19/20 He joined Bayern with only being on the bench for 2 matches, but he had played with Bayern II and played 12 games scored 3 goals and made an assist. In 20/21 he played for Bayern II scored 5 goals in 30 matches.

Holstein Kiel – During the 21/22 season he played 24 matches and scored 2 goals. Currently he has played 7 matches with no goals to his name.

National team

Germany U16 – Fiete made 4 appearances and scored 0 goals.

Germany U17 – Fiete made 19 appearances and scored 18 goals.

Germany U19 – Fiete made 5 appearances and scored 2 goals.

Skills and abilities

Strengths                                                                   Weaknesses

Taking set-piecesPassing
Holding on to the ballFinishing
Defensive contribution 

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