How do the practical and theoretical approaches to authentic leadership differ?


What is Authentic leadership first we need to describe this before we talk about how the practical and theoretical approaches authentic leadership differ. Authentic Leadership can be defined as the authenticity of the leaders and their leaders whether they are genuine or real versus fake. Now we need to break down what the Practical Approach is described as (George,2003) “Characteristics of qualities, purpose, values, relationships, self-discipline, and heart. The related characteristics passion, behaviour, connectedness, consistency and compassion that individuals need to develop to become authentic leaders.”

Let’s now Break down the Theoretical approach, is defined by the JNMT as (Sara L. Johnson Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology September 2019)

“Emphasizes that leaders are free to adopt or develop their own leadership style so long as that style is consistent with their own character and values.”

By definition I believe that they bother are not so different yet they take different approaches. The practical approach looks at the qualities and characteristics which the theoretical approach looks that the outline and structure of set rules to the character and the values a leader holds. So to me they are the same with that slight difference.

Are they really describing the same type of leadership and why?

I believe so, even though they take different approaches they look to describe the same leadership. The difference between them is the way, one looks at characteristics and quality while other looks at the characters value through a set outline and structure. Yet in they end they both are defining the same the leadership type just from a different perspective.

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