Define the Value of Sports


One of the values of sports in my opinion is teaching athletes and players the proper etiquette which consists of: sportsmanship, ethics and other traits that’ll make the athlete into a decent human being in ever day society. My context is more related to soccer/football in the grassroots and U12 to U17 age groups. This means we take children and play sports to foster passion and shape their behaviour on and off the pitch. The organization I worked with were all volunteers, and we worked with players and parents and had parent coaches. The balance of power is managed by setting up expectations and ground rules. We established what was proper and not proper, and kids looked at us if a there was a violation of those rules. We held all players and coaches to the same standards; for example, we had a no vulgarity policy that was enforced equally for both players and coaches. There was no favoritism on our teams, we created two teams with an equal number of both girls and boys that possessed a range of skills.

“Allen violated NCAA ethical conduct principles and requirements by acting dishonestly and in an unsportsmanlike manner. More specifically, Allen accepted the payments and benefits without properly reporting and/or depositing them. Further, Allen’s involvement in the scheme meant he failed to demonstrate a compliant atmosphere within his program as required by NCAA rules.” Taking a bribe is a form of unethical behaviour and is indecent. With that in mind and proper role models we won’t see any issue such as this. A prime example of such values would be in tennis during the US men’s open Casper Ruud vs Carlos Alverez, “The double bounce was missed by the umpire during the point, but Ruud was quick to own up to it as Alcaraz applauded the honesty of his opponent.” This is the teaching of proper sports etiquette even in dire circumstances. The right thing never stops. But to me this was something taught, and the proper role model had influence over Casper Ruud and taught him to be able to admit such a thing. And this is what I believe is the value of sports. It’s not about fan favourite players influencing the outcome of the game, or about not admitting mistakes if referee does not catch it, it’s to be ethical and honest.

Coaches should be held accountable as they’re supposed to be role models for these young athletes. Whether the influence comes from college, the workplace, or grass roots, these young athletes look to someone they trust to show them right from wrong to help make them better humans. I believe that values should be taught through coaches in a way that creates an honest player. Sadly, mainstream sports can’t function well with honest players because of expectations like winning or topping a league. This means the coaches and players will do their most to get results even if they see the wrong things happening and claim that those things are still acceptable.

A pure example of what I’m talking about, and a disgrace to the sport I love so much, is the Qatar 2022 world cup quarter final: Argentina VS Netherlands. When the fan favourite player clearly handled the ball the referee didn’t reprimand him. After that, he executed a bad tackle and was then reprimanded with a yellow card. Law of the sport dictates that if a player obstructs the ball intentionally they get an automatic yellow card. The law of the sport also says that if a player gets 2 yellow cards the player is then given a red card and forced to leave the match. But to my surprise this did not happen even though now the new rules have included video assistant refereeing, which seems to me to be a waste of technology since they only look for 3 cases: offsides, penalties, and red cards. Yet such mistakes on a world class platform is a disgrace. With this, I believe the outcome of the match would have been in favour of Netherlands because sports is not just a physical game, it’s also psychological. For Argentina to lose their wonder kid, their main player, would have diminished their spirit and Netherlands would have been uplifted. I believe that the game was stolen from Netherlands in favour of a fan favourite player. This is due to the past time of betting on sports, as people will place more bets if the final includes the best player and fan favourite.

“Messi did somehow escape a yellow card for a deliberate handball before eventually being cautioned in the 111th minute.” [3][4]

Furthermore, in the other quarter final match, Croatia VS Brazil, which made either Netherlands/Argentina play Brazil/Croatia a clear and obvious Penalty should have been awarded to Brazil. See video here: and better coverage here I believe that was intentional to take Brazil out of the world cup and for Argentina to have an easy opponent like Croatia. There is no other explanation for this since we now have video assistant referees and it’s been created for exactly this situation!

Apologies for my rant here, but this specific topic and sport is dear to me and I dislike when things like this happen to support a mainstream goal.

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