A brief reflection on the NCAA legislation


This is a brief reflection about what I learned through gaining an in-depth understanding of the relationship between the NCAA and recruiting by examining the NCAA’s recruiting legislations and by going through the recruiting exam process.

            I gained some insight into some of the ruling and policies that must be in place and understood by the coach to fall within the NCAA’s recruiting policies and not cause a violation. Some of the policies are common sense and others required reading the manual and guide to fully understand. To me the exam will serve as guidance to the conduct of the coach, staff, and institution and help understand the basic violations that may occur.

Specifically, what does this mean for coaches who are developing and executing recruiting processes for program success?

            The coach who will not follow the rules and guidance and avoid actions that may cause violation to the rules and standards provide for Prospective – Athlete recruitment and causing an issue firstly for themselves and the institution trying to sign a player for their respective sports program and team. Knowing what is permissible and what is prohibited will aid in avoiding issues down the line. Coaches can plan correctly and follow the guidance to fall within the right parameters of the guidelines for player recruitment.

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